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Clean Wooden Windows Frames

How to Properly Clean Wooden Windows Frames

If you are one of those people who chose to enjoy wooden windows frames, you’ve probably noticed that regular maintenance is quite important. As a natural product, wood is more affected by different weather conditions than other materials. So for you, we have gathered some easy steps to include in your regular window cleaning that work with every type of wooden frame.
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Magnetic Window Cleaning

Do Magnetic Window Cleaners Work? The Pros And Cons Of Buying One.

Magnetic window cleaners are handy tools that make cleaning outside windows from the inside easier. These useful and clever devices may solve your hard to reach window dilemma, but they come with some advantages and drawbacks. In case you are planning to buy a magnetic window cleaner, we made your choice easier by gathering the pros and cons of having one. Get a chance to know if it's the right solution for you by reading our detailed review.
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the shard

6 Fascinating Facts About The Shard You Didn’t Know

One of the tallest buildings in Western Europe and the tallest one in the United Kingdom has made an impression on everyone who’s seen it. At the same time, the Shard incites many questions about its construction and its place in the London cityscape. Find out what inspired the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano to design it, how did it get its name and what technological innovations have been used in the construction.
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Rope Access Window Cleaning in London

Extreme Jobs: Cradle vs Rope Access Window Cleaning

High-rise window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Despite that fact, the cleaners are still using abseiling and window cleaning cradles to get their job done. Although there are many safety features, extreme window cleaning situations arise and some of them are even caught on camera. Check-out these nerve-racking events in our article.
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Clean Conservatory Roof Inside

How to Clean Conservatory Roof Inside

One of the coziest and sunny places in your home should always bring you joy and relaxation. But how would you feel if the windows of your conservatory are all smeared with dirt? Not a very pleasant to look at, is it? Here, we’ve published a guide which will navigate you through the process of cleaning your conservatory roof. Find the most practical tips and let the sunshine back in your favorite room.
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