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outside window cleaning with squeegee

How To Keep Your Windows Clean All Year Round

Keeping your windows clean all year round might seem like a daunting task. That’s why many people say you should wash your windows only twice a year. But you know well that dust and grime ca ...

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Property exterior

How to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Whether it was spring, summer, autumn or winter, your home needs maintenance. As all of us are aware of many ways to make our interior pleasant, cosy and up to our taste, we tend to ...

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Clean Wooden Windows Frames

How to Properly Clean Wooden Windows Frames

How to take care of your wooden windows frames If you are one of those people who chose to enjoy wooden windows frames, you’ve probably noticed that regular maintenance is quite im ...

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Magnetic Window Cleaning

Do Magnetic Window Cleaners Work? The Pros And Cons Of Buying One.

Cleaning outside windows from the inside quite often turns into a nightmarish experience, especially if you live in an apartment or a condo. The danger of falling out the wi ...

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Rope Access Window Cleaning in London

Extreme Jobs: Cradle vs Rope Access Window Cleaning

The first thing on our minds when we hear “Extreme Jobs” or “The Most Dangerous Job” is probably something we have seen on TV – Alaskan crab fishers or miners. While these jobs carry t ...

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