Remove the dusty blanket from your commercial property
with efficient office window cleaning

IRATA certified,

fully equipped, and insured window cleaners

Environmentally friendly

methods of work

FWC- approved

window cleaning services

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within the M25 area in London

Have your out-of-reach windows cleaned in 4 simple steps

Request a commercial window cleaning session online or by calling us on 020 3404 9775.

Schedule a property survey for a time that best suits your busy business schedule.

After taking a look around, the surveyor will provide you with a quote for the service.

A cleaning crew will polish your windows using water-fed pole or rope access equipment.

Learn why our commercial window cleaning in London is the preferred choice

  • Reliable and skilled technicians
    Each cleaner wears a branded uniform, carries insurance, and their work is frequently evaluated by a quality control supervisor. They also carry CSCS cards, which guarantees that they will deliver a safe and efficient service.

  • Cleaning using purified water
    For business properties up to the 4th floor, we provide efficient window cleaning service under high pressure with crystal-clean, filtered water.

  • Flexible booking options
    You can make an appointment for any day of the week – we are open for business even on weekends and official holidays.

  • Fixed price rates
    Your final quote includes the cost of all high-tech equipment and will not be affected by additional fees or deposits on top;

How the commercial window cleaners will handle your London property

Exterior & interior window cleaning services

For coffee shops, gyms, restaurants, hotels and similar business properties, the specialists will perform the service using a water-fed pole that can stretch up to 22 metres in length. This will allow the crew to wash your windows without leaving the ground. This machine runs on purified water, which ensures the easy and efficient removal of dirt, mineral deposits, and chemicals from your window panes, sills (PVC), and frames (PVC). For internal window cleaning, the cleaners will use a standard squeegee, microfibre cloths, detergents, and ladders (if needed).

Rope access window cleaning services

For skyscrapers and other commercial buildings that have more than 4 floors, a minimum of 2 IRATA-certified climbers will arrive to survey your workspace in accordance with the official WAH (Work at Height) regulations. When the inspection is complete, you will need to provide them with access to your rooftop. Once there, the skilled technicians will install fixed anchors, eye bolts, weight baskets up to 350 kg, and will use sturdy ropes to climb down and remove every window stain in sight.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are the cleaning services you offer insured?

A: Yes, your service is insured against potential damages to your property. However, the strict company procedures that we follow will ensure that there will be no need for such measures.

Q: What type of properties is this service suitable for?

A: The window cleaners can shine and polish the high-rise panes of a wide variety of workplaces and retail spaces, including bars, stores, gyms, hotels, tall office buildings and more.

Q: Do you offer regular office window cleaning?

A: Absolutely! We can arrange abseil or purified water window cleaning on a weekly and biweekly basis. Other intervals include one month, 6 weeks, 2 months, or 3 months. Keep in mind that any client who wishes to work with us on a regular basis will also benefit from preferential rates.

Q: How much does your rope access cleaning cost?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot give you a fixed estimate without performing a preliminary survey first, which is free of charge. We will then quote you an individual price based on the window cleaning service you need, the number of windows that your property has, and other factors.

Q: Do I need to provide some information in advance?

A: When hiring abseilers to clean high-rise windows, please make sure to send us photos of your roof top, as well as photos of the areas that need cleaning. This will provide the technicians with enough information to select a suitable anchor point for the job.

Q: What type of equipment do you use for rope access cleaning?

A: The specialists use professional ergonomic squeegees and moppers, as well as compatible cleaning agents for achieving best results.

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What customers are sharing

The guys from Top Window Cleaners are my go-to men when I need my shop windows shiny again. They're a bunch of very friendly people who work with enthusiasm and efficiency. I'm using the services regularly and I'm very happy with the results. Happy people, happy business! I definitely recommend this company! 

Zak Porter

My conservatory hasn't been cleaned since the last summer so it needed a proper wash. I've already used your services for window cleaning and decided to save myself from searching for someone else. I called and immediately got a booking slot for the weekend. The staff is very friendly and punctual. I'm using your services from now on for my seasonal window cleaning.  

Lauren Russell

Great residential window cleaning service. They provide a smooth booking process. The lady explained thoroughly how the service work and answered all my questions. Many thanks to the cleaner who came on time and worked really hard to get rid of the stubborn stains on my window frames. It was a pleasure to work with you and will definitely hire you again!

David S.

I booked gutter cleaning last month when we got pretty serious rainfall. I urgently needed someone to unblock the gutters. You were the first company I called, and I immediately was able to book you for the service. The technicians were extremely professional and understanding. I'll definitely recommend Top Window Cleaners :)

Maryse Charron

Again you did an excellent job, guys! The cleanliness of the windows is extremely important to me because I own a small cafeteria and to me first impression is really important. The window cleaners worked quickly with precision. The prices are really affordable and I always can get a booking in a convenient for me time. Highly recommend you and will tell all my friends about your company.

Madison Burke

My neighbour hired you once and I saw how the cleaner did his job. I was impressed so decided to hire you to clean the windows outside of my 2 bedroom flat. After all I have no hesitation in recommending your company. Very punctual and courteous window cleaners, job well done. Smooth and efficient service from start to finish.

Long Pai

Thanks for your professional window cleaning! Your cleaners are always efficient and come on time, which is something I value greatly. Also, the pricing is suitable and when I booked a gutter cleaning I got a great discount. Keep the high standard of your service.

Megan Pickering

I am a regular customer because I like to stick to a service that satisfies my needs and quality standards. As usual the window cleaning was brilliant and the team was very friendly. I use them for a residential and commercial window cleaning but will also try gutter cleaning, as well. I'm really glad to rate you 5 stars. Nice job, thank you!

Aaron Thorpe

Very courteous, very clean and tidy window cleaners. I used your services before and I won't hesitate to use you again. The cleaners leave the glasses perfectly sanitised. They even put everything back to its place, such as curtains furniture and belongings. I already feel confident enough to leave the cleaners on site and do my own business. Excellent service, thanks.

Martin Saiti

It’s my first time hiring professionals to clean the windows in my home and I’m very happy with the job you did. I don’t have enough time to clean my windows regularly, so it’s been awhile since they were washed properly. Now they are perfectly clean and shiny as new ones, and I can say my family is really impressed.

Kate Burton.

Thank you for the fantastic service guys! I needed help washing the windows in my house because they’re too high and it’s difficult for me to clean them.Your customer service team were very polite and super helpful. The technicians arrived on time and did a superb job. The windows are in perfect condition after they were done. I will definitely use Top Window Cleaners to do my regular windows cleaning.

Matthew Wood

Top Window Cleaners are doing my regular windows cleaning and I can only recommend them to anyone who wants a professionally executed job. They work to high standards and always accommodate my requests. I have a discount as a regular client and they’re the only company that has ever offered me such a treatment. Thank you for the always perfect service!

Sienna Patel

We used Top Window Cleaners to do the windows of my hair salon. We are very happy with the result, the guys were extremely friendly and polite to us and our customers. They were very efficient and finished the job in no time. I would recommend the company to any small business owner.

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Wong

Booking the service was simple and easy and the cleaners were prompt and friendly. I've got my windows cleaned on the outside and I'm planning to use them for a gutter cleaning next month as I can tell they are reliable professionals. What got me surprised is that they didn't use any ladders but the final result was more than impressive. Very satisfied and looking forward to seeing them again.

Tia Bennett

I have a busy schedule and it was very important for me to find a company that can clean my windows at a convenient time for me and my family. Top Window Cleaners did a great job by finding a time slot that suits me and the team arrived on time. The guys worked with enthusiasm and without hesitation, they've got the job done. Definitely will book them again.

Alice Evans

I recently moved into a new home and the windows were in a terrible condition. The cleaners did a miracle and now my windows are bright and spotless. The whole service took no more than 30 minutes. The cost of the service was reasonable and the final result was priceless. Thank you!

G. Graham

All I can say is they are called Top Window Cleaners for a reason as they really do a top job. I'm using their services on a regular basis and everytime they impress me with their professionalism. A trustworthy and reliable company I recommend every time I speak with someone searching for a window cleaning service.

Russo Pacheco

The neighbours who live two floors above me, dropped paint while renovating their apartment. It was all over the windows and sills. I didn’t know what to do but happily, they were very kind to hire pro window cleaners. Thanks to the expert washers, no paint is left on the windows or the frames and sills. Many greetings from us!

Elise Soto

Amazing staff. I love working with your window cleaning company. Every time I'm delighted with the results The price itself is reasonable and the service you provide is top-notch. I keep recommending you to anyone who looks for a window cleaning company. If you want bright and sparkling windows this is the right place.

Evan Lees, Central London

Your window cleaning company is second to none. The cleaners were so careful and worked in details. Want to say the customer representatives are so friendly. I have had to call several times and they were always kind and informative. I guess I will hire you for regular window cleaning from now on!

Margaret O., Harrow

I use window cleaning services from time to time but have never seen such a personal attitude. The lady who I talked to at first was so careful and explained me everything I should know. The professionals worked very quickly but the results were better than I’ve expected and the price matched my budget. I’m so glad I found the Top Window Cleaners. Thanks!

Vince.N., Surrey

Leave your stained windows to the professional window cleaners in London

To book a session, simply get in touch, make a convenient appointment, and wait for the professionally equipped and trained window cleaners and abseiling experts to arrive and perform a survey. After inspecting everything in great detail, they will perform the job with a friendly attitude, respect for your privacy, and up to the highest industry standard in the UK. Our 24/7 customer service team is available for any questions at 020 3404 9775. You can also fill in our request a quote form or take advantage of the instant chat feature on our website. Check the reviews of our great customers and see how we helped their business with our window cleaning service.