Enjoy streak-free glass surfaces with the help of
local domestic window cleaners

Extendable water-fed pole system

that eliminates the need for dangerous ladders

Keeping windows clean

for longer with purified water that doesn’t leave residue

Complete treatment

of PVC frames and sills in addition to the glass surfaces

Insured, uniformed, equipped,

and highly trained window cleaners in your area

Schedule a professional home window cleaning in 4 simple steps

Book a residential window cleaning service over the phone or our contact form.

Tell us the type of your domestic property and how many windows you want cleaned.

Pick a day and time on which it will be convenient for the cleaning crew to arrive. 

The specialists will use a water-fed pole system to wash and sanitise your windows.

What you get by opting for this advanced window cleaning approach

  • Treatment of all window types
    The qualified technicians can clean single and double windows, bay and sash windows, French doors, skylights, and more.

  • Using a green cleaning method
    Tall windows are externally cleaned using water that has been filtered from its natural impurities. This ensures that your windows will retain their transparency for longer and that no soap streaks or chemical residue will remain.

  • Completely safe service
    The extendible equipment can reach the fourth floor of virtually any property, so the specialists will be able to clean your windows safely without the use of ladders, cherry pickers, or other potentially dangerous contraptions.

  • Discounts available
    For instance, you can combine your residential window cleaning with gutter cleaning services to considerably slash the price on both!

How our professional window cleaning method works

  • Up to two trained window cleaners will arrive depending on the scale of the job.
  • They will set up the extendable window cleaning equipment that is attached to their van.
  • The technicians will dislodge any accumulated dust and dirt by releasing purified water under high pressure from the pole’s brush head attachment at the end.
  • With the help of the demineralised water, the specialists will thoroughly scrub every inch of your glass surfaces from accumulated dust and dirt, PVC frames and sills included.
  • This process will be repeated twice, after which the windows will be left to dry out naturally. This will remove any previously used detergents and sterilise the surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a water-fed pole system?

A: Essentially, this is a 22-metres-long extendable pole that is connected to a purified water supply inside the vehicle. A powerful pump then sends the water out of the pole under pressure that is high enough to blast away the stains, but low enough to keep the windows fully intact.

Q: How long will the service take?

A: The time that the professionals spend on site depends on the number of windows that you want cleaned, on how accessible they are, and on what is their current condition.

Q: Do I need to be at home while you clean?

A: Upon request, we can arrange key pick-up and delivery for a convenient hour so that the professionals can polish your glass façade even when you’re at the office.

Q: Do I need to reserve a parking spot?

A: Yes please, at least 30 metres from your property since the equipment is attached to the van.

Q: Can you clean windows on the inside as well?

A: Yes. For internal window cleaning, the specialist will use a squeegee, an eco-friendly detergent, microfibre cloths to deal with streaks, and a ladder to reach all those high spots.

Q: What is your service coverage?

A: We provide our domestic window cleaning in London and south-east England.

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