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Will Robots Take Over The Skyscraper Window Cleaning Jobs? [Part 2]

The robot economy is already here and it's disrupting industries at a fast pace. Yet, not everyone is prepared for this global job market transformation. That's why we've gathered some useful information to help you make the transition more smoothly. You'll also discover what are the best skyscraper window cleaning robots at the moment and what's the next generation of robotic systems. Are you ready to adapt or perish?
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Will Robots Take Over The Skyscraper Window Cleaning Jobs? [Part 1]

The building industry is constructing skyscrapers that reach 1000 meters in height and use cutting edge technologies. At the same time, window cleaners are using century-old techniques like the squeegee and bucket. Why's there such a deep disparity and how the robotisation and automation are changing the commercial window cleaning industry? Find out in this article.
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What’s The Past, Present And Future Of Skyscraper Window Cleaning

There are thousands of high-rise buildings around the world and they all require maintenance. Skyscraper window cleaning is one of the solutions to this problem. But it has a long history full of changes and dangers. Here you'll find out not only what it meant to be a window cleaner in the past. You'll discover how the industry is transforming and what are the future trends.
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exterior windows after spring cleaning

How to Spring Clean Your Windows | Quick Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to clean your windows during the spring. Find out what is the right equipment, how to prepare your own home-made window cleaning solution and when is the best time to wash the windows in your home. Follow the instructions and use the techniques in your spring window cleaning for quality results.
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How To Keep Your Windows Clean All Year Round

Windows should be washed at least two or three times during the year. Postponing this moment means ending up with windows thick with grime. This can even be harmful to our health because of all the germs accumulated in every nook and corner. Don’t allow this to happen and read further how can you clean your windows during the warm and cold months. It’s not enough to wash them only once in the summer.
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