Learn More about Our Methods of Window Cleaning in London

expert window cleaning methods within London and beyondThe experts of window cleaning in London wash all types of windows. This includes: single and double windows, bay windows, skylights, conservatories, and more. We have the proper tools for washing windows on private properties, commercial premises, and public buildings alike.

How We Proceed?

For glass panes placed up to the fourth floor, we use water-fed extension poles. For the deployment of our equipment, we need parking space within 30 metres, on the same side of your property.

We spray purified water onto your windows from a pole attached to a tank in our van. There are water-fed poles brushes at their ends. It helps us cover all the surface of your glass panes. After we finish the brushing, more water is sprayed to rinse your windows.

When the targeted objects are above the pole's reach, we use rope access system, performed by insured and trained window cleaners. The inside parts of your windows are cleaned with the ordinary squeegee technique.

What Are the Advantages of Our Window Cleaning Techniques?

  • The methods we use are efficient and environment-friendly.
  • We operate only with purified water. This specific state of the liquid makes it absorb all types of grime on its way.
  • The usage of purified water guarantees full removal of marks, stains, and dust build-ups form your windows.
  • It also cleanses the residue of all chemicals and detergents used previously.
  • You won't be disturbed by cleaners sneaking outside your windows, because we stay on the ground.

Take the phone and dial 020 3404 9775 now. Check on your own the great advantages of the latest window cleaning techniques.